Employee and Public Timetables for sale.

(LastMarch 25th, 2024)

The Library has a number of surplus Employee and Public Timetables that are available for sale. They represent duplicates that are already in the Library. The proceeds from any sales will be used to purchase books that are considered of high priority to be added to the Library.

If you see Timetables that you wish to purchase then to contact the Timetable Curator

Please list the Timetables that you would like to buy along with your mailing address so that they can be set aside for you and the shipping cost determined.

Payment can be made electronically using Interac or PayPal, or by mail using a cheque (Canadian or US), a bank draft or money order (International type for US). Once you have indicated your payment method, you will be provided with the appropriate information to proceed.

The timetables currently remaining are shown in the following table. All are in good to excellent condition. All prices are shown in Canadian dollars. Postage, packing and insurance is extra at cost.

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IDTypeCompanyNumber /SuppTitleDatePrice
9783PSGRCN179Folder A1957-04-2820.00
9794PSGRCN197Folder A - System1965-04-2510.00
9797PSGRCN198Folder A - System1965-10-3110.00
9795PSGRCN199Folder A - System1966-04-2410.00
9799PSGRCN199Folder A - System1966-04-2410.00
9785PSGRCN0Condensed Schedules Between Principal Cities//1966-04-245.00
9789PSGRCN0Condensed Schedules Between Principal Cities1967-04-305.00
9796PSGRCN201Folder A - System1967-04-3010.00
9786PSGRCN0Condensed Schedules Between Principal Cities1967-10-295.00
9787PSGRCN0Condensed Schedules Between Principal Cities1968-04-285.00
9788PSGRCN0Condensed Schedules Between Principal Cities1968-10-275.00
9784PSGRCN207Folder A - System1970-01-0725.00
9790PSGRCN0Condensed Schedules - East (CE)1970-09-142.00
9791PSGRCN0Condensed Schedules - West (CW)1970-09-142.00
9739PSGRCN0Condensed Schedules1976-04-252.00
9779PSGRCP0System Timetable1956-09-3035.00
9824PSGRCP0Folder B - Eastern Canada and Transcontinental Schedules1957-04-2810.00
9793PSGRCP0System October 25, 1964 to April 14, 19651964-10-258.00
9792PSGRCP0System Timetable1966-10-305.00
9781PSGRCP0System Timetable1968-10-2725.00
9826PSGRCP0The Canadian1971-10-313.00
9828PSGRCP0The Canadian1975-04-274.00
9817PSGRVIA220System Timetable April 24, 1977 - October 29, 19771977-04-240.00
9818PSGRVIA220System Timetable April 24, 1977 - October 29, 19771977-04-244.00
9819PSGRVIA0Western Transcontinental Services Folder No. 21978-04-304.00
9821PSGRVIA0Ontario and Quebec Services Folder No. 21978-04-304.00
9823PSGRVIA0Eastern Transcontinental Services Folder No. 2 April 30 - October 28, 19781978-04-304.00
9820PSGRVIA0Western Transcontinental Services Folder No. 4 October 29, 1978 - April 28, 19791978-10-294.00
9833PSGRVIA222System Timetable June 17, 1979 - October 27, 19791979-06-175.00
9851PSGRVIA223System Timetable October 28, 1979 - February 2, 19801979-10-285.00
9847PSGRVIA226System Timetable September 29, 1980 - April 25, 19811980-09-295.00
9845PSGRVIA227System Timetable April 26 - October 24, 19811981-04-265.00
9831PSGRVIA228System Timetable June 1 - October 24, 19811981-06-015.00
9822PSGRVIA229System Timetable November 15, 1981 - April 24, 19821981-11-154.00
9843PSGRVIA230System Timetable June 1 - October 30, 19821982-06-015.00
9846PSGRVIA231System Timetable October 31, 1982 - April 23, 19831982-10-315.00
9838PSGRVIA232System Timetable Summer/Fall edition1983-05-295.00
9834PSGRVIA235System Timetable Winter/Spring edition1984-10-285.00
9840PSGRVIA237System Timetable Winter/Spring edition1985-10-275.00
9852PSGRVIA238System Timetable Summer/Fall edition1986-06-014.00
9841PSGRVIA239System Timetable Winter/Spring edition1986-10-265.00
9844PSGRVIA240System Timetable Summer/Fall edition1987-06-075.00
9829PSGRVIA0Quebec Ontario Services1987-11-293.00
9830PSGRVIA0Atlantic Canada1987-11-294.00
9849PSGRVIA241System Timetable Winter/Spring edition1987-11-295.00
9850PSGRVIA242System Timetable Summer/Fall edition1988-05-015.00
9848PSGRVIA243National Timetable Winter/Spring edition1988-10-305.00
9832PSGRVIA243National Timetable Winter/Spring edition1988-10-305.00
9751PSGRVIA0Corridor Condensed Schedules1988-10-303.00
9736PSGRVIA244National Timetable Summer/Fall edition1989-04-304.00
9842PSGRVIA244National Timetable Summer/Fall edition1989-04-305.00
9839PSGRVIA245National Timetable1990-01-155.00
9750PSGRVIA0Condensed Corridor and Atlantic Canada Schedules1990-01-151.50
9837PSGRVIA249National Timetable Winter/Spring edition1992-01-195.00
9835PSGRVIA250National Timetable Summer/Fall edition1992-04-265.00
9816PSGRVIA0Condensed Corridor and Atlantic Canada Schedules1992-04-264.00
9836PSGRVIA252National Timetable Summer/Fall edition1993-04-255.00
9756PSGRVIA0National Timetable Winter/Spring edition1998-10-254.00
9749PSGRVIA0Quebec City - Windsor Corridor1999-10-313.00
9755PSGRVIA0National Timetable2000-01-164.00
9754PSGRVIA0National Timetable2002-10-274.00
9748PSGRVIA0Quebec City - Windsor Corridor2005-10-302.00
9752PSGRVIA0National Timetable2006-04-303.00
9747PSGRVIA0Quebec City - Windsor Corridor2006-04-302.00
9778PSGRVIA0System - revised to show Churchill service north of Gillam out of service2017-11-052.00