Photographs and Prints for sale.

(LastJune 3rd, 2024)

The Library has a number of surplus Photographs and Prints that are available for sale. They represent duplicates of Photographs and Prints that are already in the Library or that are outside of the scope of the aims of the Library. The proceeds from any sales will be used to purchase books that are considered of high priority to be added to the Library.

If you see Photographs and Prints that you wish to purchase then to contact the sales manager

Please list the Photographs and Prints that you would like to buy along with your mailing address so that they can be set aside for you and the shipping cost determined.

Payment can be made electronically using Interac or PayPal, or by mail using a cheque (Canadian or US), a bank draft or money order (International type for US). Once you have indicated your payment method, you will be provided with the appropriate information to proceed.

The Photographs and Prints currently remaining are shown in the following table. All are in good to excellent condition. All prices are shown in Canadian dollars. Postage, packing and insurance is extra at cost. CRCML members will receive a 10% discount on the prices shown below for all purchases from this list.

Steam locomotives - Diesel locomotives - Electric locomotives - Rapid Transit and Streetcars

Passenger Equipment - Freight Equipment - Structures - Miscellaneous

Steam locomotives
ID NumSubjectWhereWhenOrientation SizeTypeSourcePrice
CLP5Buffalo Creek P5-a 0-8-0 #10Landscape10 x 8Mono$3.00
CLP163CL&R Co 2-6-2Comox, BCLandscape10 x 8Mono$3.00
CLP20CN B-26a 4-4-0 #371Vancouver, BC1938Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson-George$3.00
CLP21CN B-26a 4-4-0 #386Vancouver, BC1936Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson-George$3.00
CLP22CN B-26a 4-4-0 #388Vancouver, BC1936Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson-George$3.00
CLP16CN E10-a 2-6-0 #86Owen Sound, ON1956Landscape10 x 8MonoRailway Memorie$3.00
CLP28CN E10-a 2-6-0 #80 on passengerCaledonia, ONLandscape10 x 8MonoPaterson-George$3.00
CLP25CN E10-a 2-6-0 #83 on freightTilsonburg, ON1956Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson-George$3.00
CLP19CN E10-a 2-6-0 #89Landscape8 x 5MonoPaterson-George$1.00
CLP198CN E10-a 2-6-0 #904Hamilton, ON1936Landscape8 x 5MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP199CN E10-a 2-6-0 #906Hamilton, ON1936Landscape8 x 5MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP24CN E10-a 2-6-0 #91Lindsay, ON1958Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson-George$3.00
CLP38CN E7-a 2-6-0 #818Montreal, QC1940Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson-George$3.00
CLP200CN E7-a 2-6-0 #825Hamilton, ON1935Landscape8 x 5MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP197CN E7-a 2-6-0 #830Toronto, ON1952Landscape8 x 5MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP196CN F1-b 4-6-0 #1011Moncton, NB1938Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP108CN H-12-44 #1645Sudbury, ON1964Landscape10 x 7Colour$4.00
CLP42CN H6d 4-6-0 #1541 at CaledoniaCaledonia, ON1957Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson$3.00
CLP50CN J7-c 4-6-2 #5302Landscape10 x 8Mono$3.00
CLP157CN K1-a 4-6-2 #5509 on freightShelbourne, NS1942Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP64CN K3-a 4-6-2 #5560Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP63CN K3-a 4-6-2 #5576 on passengerSt.Marys, ONLandscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP60CN K3-b 4-6-2 #5588 on passengerLandscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP33CN K3-d 4-6-2 #5606Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP48CN K4-a 4-6-2 #5629Landscape8 x 6.5Mono$3.00
CLP116CN mixed trainBrockville, ONLandscape10 x 8MonoOsterman$3.00
CLP156CN N4-a2-8-0 #2528 on freightOakville, ON1958Landscape10 x 8MonoShaw$3.00
CLP165CN O10-b 0-6-0 #7049Montreal, QC1930Landscape10 x 4Mono$3.00
CLP98CN O12-a 0-6-0 #7366Winnipeg, MB1959Portrait10 x 8Mono$3.00
CLP99CN O12-c 0-6-0 #7330St.John, NB1934Landscape10 x 8Mono$3.00
CLP97CN O14-c 0-6-0 #7075Bridgewater, NS1942Landscape10 x 8Mono$3.00
CLP105CN O3-a 0-6-0 #7003Vancouver1927Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP145CN S1-a 2-8-2 #3205Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP146CN S1-d 2-8-2 #3341Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP143CN S1-f 2-8-2 #3470 on freightLandscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP61CN S1-f 2-8-2 #3496 on freightOakville, ONLandscape10 x 8MonoShaw$3.00
CLP80CN S1-g 2-8-2 #3508 on mixedLandscape10 x 8Mono$3.00
CLP9CN S3-b 2-8-2 #3745Landscape10 x 8Mono$3.00
CLP8CN S3-c 2-8-2 #3749Landscape10 x 8Mono$3.00
CLP101CN T2-a 2-10-2 #4104 + F7A $9054+F7A #9032 on freight1954Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP141CN T4-b 2-10-2 #4316Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP7CN T4-b 2-10-2 #4320 on freightLandscape9 1/4 xMonoTrains and Trol$3.00
CLP142CN T4-b 2-10-2 #4320 on freightLandscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP154CN U1-f 4-8-2 #6062 and CN S1-g 2-8-2 #3506Bayview, ON1954Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP153CN U2-g 4-8-4 # 6221 on passengerOttawa, ON1951Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP44CN U2-g 4-8-4 #6218Portrait6 1/2 xMono$3.00
CLP52CN X10-a 4-6-4 #49 on passengerNr Montreal, QCLandscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP51CN X10-a 4-6-4 #50Montreal, QCLandscape10 x 8MonoRailway Memorie$3.00
CLP62CN X10-a 4-6-4 #50 on passengerLachine, QCLandscape10 x 8MonoRailway Memorie$3.00
CLP81CN ? 4-6-0Montreal, QC1936Landscape10 x 8Mono$3.00
CLP1CP A3a 4-4-0 #29 and combineLandscape10 x 8Mono$3.00
CLP11CP A5d 4-4-0 #144Chapman, NB1958Landscape10 x 8Mono$3.00
CLP34CP A5d 4-4-0 #148 on freightCassils, AB1973Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP147CP D10a 4-6-0 #706Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP104CP D10h 4-6-0 #1040Maniwaki, QC1950Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP102CP D10h 4-6-0 #1040Maniwaki, QC1951Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP18CP D10h 4-6-0 #1057 on passenger specialMilton, ON1975Landscape9 1/2 xColour$4.00
CLP17CP D10h 4-6-0 #1057 on passenger specialCataract, ON1973Portrait7 1/2 xMonoBrown$3.00
CLP107CP D10h 4-6-0 #1057 (Credit Valley) on passengerForks of Credit, ON1973Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP148CP D10k 4-6-0 #1071Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP84CP D4g 4-6-0 #417Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP92CP D4g 4-6-0 #425Landscape10 x 5Mono$3.00
CLP86CP D4g 4-6-0 #425Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP13CP D4g 4-6-0 #434Bobcaygeon, ON1958Portrait8 x 10MonoPaterson-George$3.00
CLP15CP D4g 4-6-0 #434Bobcaygeon, ON1958Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson-George$3.00
CLP14CP D4g 4-6-0 #434 at Lindsay stationLindsay, ON1958Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson$3.00
CLP132CP D4g 4-6-0 #437 on freightGlen Tay, ON1955Portrait8 x 10MonoPaterson$3.00
CLP100CP D4g 4-6-0 #451Hamilton, ON1939Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP85CP D4g 4-6-0 #489 on freightLandscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP103CP E1f 4-6-0 #815Lambton, ON1958Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP203CP E4d 4-6-0 #847Calgary, ABLandscape8 x 5MonoCoverdale$3.00
CLP57CP F1a 4-4-4 #2912Landscape10 x 6MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP56CP F1a 4-4-4 #2924 on passengerLandscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP58CP F1a 4-4-4 #2925Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP49CP F1a 4-4-4 #2925Toronto, ONLandscape10 x 8MonoShaw$3.00
CLP93CP F1a 4-4-4 #2925 on passengerBronte, ON1948Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP55CP F1a 4-4-4 #2926Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP150CP G1d 4-6-2 #2220 + CP P1e 2-8-2 #5187 on freightLandscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP149CP G1v 4-6-2 #2235 + CP P2j 2-8-2 #5460 on freightLandscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP129CP G2e 4-6-2 #1231Carleton Place, ON1959Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson$3.00
CLP91CP G2e 4-6-2 #1252Smiths Falls, ON1952Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP204CP G3g 4-6-2 #2393Montreal, QC1953Landscape20 x 8MonoRailway Memorie$7.00
CLP66CP H18-44 #8723Landscape9 1/2 xColourLakeshore Rail$4.00
CLP6CP H1d 4-6-4 #2855Landscape10 x 8Mono$3.00
CLP65CP H24-66 #8900Calgary, AB1976Landscape10 x 8ColourShaw$4.00
CLP131CP M4a 2-8-0 #3408Smiths Falls, ON1958Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP135CP N2a 2-8-0 #3665 on freightLandscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP133CP N2b 2-8-0 #3722Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP134CP N3a 2-8-0 #3881 + CP G3g 4-6-2 #2384 on freightLandscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP46CP P1b 2-8-2 #5030 + P2j 2-8-2 #5442 on freightRevelstoke, BCLandscape10 x 8Mono$3.00
CLP136CP P1n 2-8-2 #5214Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP137CP P1n 2-8-2 #5232 + CP (other) on freightLandscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP138CP P1n 2-8-2 #5238Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP139CP P1n 2-8-2 #5247Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP45CP P2c 2-8-2 #5340Landscape9 x 7Mono$3.00
CLP47CP T1a 2-10-4 #5914Calgary, AB1953Landscape10 x 8MonoCoverdale$3.00
CLP30CP T1b 2-10-4 #5924Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP32CP T1c 2-10-4 #5931Landscape8 3/4 xMonoRailfare$3.00
CLP31CP T1c 2-10-4 #5933 on freightLandscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP53CP T2a 4-6-4 #5992Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP54CP T2a 4-6-4 #5992Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP82CP U3d 0-6-0 #6255Calgary, AB1945Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP83CP U3e 0-6-0 #6280Toronto, ON1938Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP151CP U3e 0-6-0 #6281Toronto, ON1938Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP152CP U3e 0-6-0 #6302Winnipeg, MB1951Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP10CP V4a 0-8-0 #6921Calgary1949Landscape10 x 8MonoCoverdale$3.00
CLP40ETR 0-6-0Windsor, ON1960Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP207Portfolio of Historic Canadian Locomotives (10 colour prints)AbitibiLandscape10 x 8ColourAbitibi$15.00
CLP88THB 2-8-4 #201Landscape10 x 8MonoTrains and Trol$3.00
CLP90THB 2-8-4 #201 on freightLandscape10 x 8MonoTrains and Trol$3.00
CLP89THB 2-8-4 #202Landscape10 x 8MonoTrains and Trol$3.00
CLP87THB 2-8-4 #202Landscape10 x 8MonoTrains and Trol$3.00
CLP159T&NO 2-8-0 #137 on passengerLandscape10 x 8Mono$3.00

Diesel Locomotives
ID NumSubjectWhereWhenOrientation SizeTypeSourcePrice
CLP76CN Boxcab #9000Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00
CLP111CN Gas Electric #15836Sarnia, ON1959Landscape10 x 8MonoThomson$3.00
CLP67CN GE 44 tonEdmonton, AB1969Landscape10 x 8ColourLakeshore Rail$4.00
CLP68CN H-24-66 #2900Toronto, ONLandscape10 x 8MonoOstermann$3.00
CLP37CN RS-18 #3692Fort Erie, ON1964Landscape10 x 7ColourLakeshore Rail$4.00
CLP36CN RSC-13 #1714Charlottetown, PE1965Landscape10 x 7ColourLakeshore Rail$4.00
CLP109CN S-13 #8520Toronto, ON1965Landscape10 x 7Colour$4.00
CLP79CN S2 #7982 on passengerToronto, ON1951Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP35CN SW-1200RS #1271Edmonton, AB1969Landscape10 x 8ColourLakeshore Rail$4.00
CLP77CP FP7 #40611952Landscape10 x 8MonoGeorge's Trains$3.00
CLP69CP S-2 #7060Toronto, ONLandscape10 x 8MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP78CP SW900 #67181955Landscape10 x 8MonoGeorge's Trains$3.00
CLP160IC Diesel #607Champaigne, IL1969Landscape10 x 8Mono$3.00

Electric Locomotives
ID NumSubjectWhereWhenOrientation SizeTypeSourcePrice
CLP161Inco electric #116 ore trainMurray, ONLandscape10 x 8Mono$3.00

Rapid Transit and Streetcars
ID NumSubjectWhereWhenOrientation SizeTypeSourcePrice
CLP206Omnibus Cable Company, San Francisco - ready for framing printSan Francisco, CALandscape10 x 8Colour$2.00
CLP205Toronto PCC street scene - ready for framing printToronto, ON1985Landscape22 x 17ColourDavid Flett, 19$7.00

Passenger equipment
ID NumSubjectWhereWhenOrientation SizeTypeSourcePrice
CLP168CN passenger car #152021962Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP170CN passenger car #32031944Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP180CN passenger car #38Toronto, ON1938Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP174CN passenger car #59207Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP178CN passenger car #59314Toronto, ONLandscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP179CN passenger car #59318Toronto, ON1944Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP177CN passenger car #62912, MoWLandscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP175CN passenger car #66900Toronto, ON1938Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP171CN passenger car #67507Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP176CN passenger car #69258Stratford, ON1947Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP169CN passenger car #69634Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP181CN passenger car #7260Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP172CN passenger car, LiscombToronto, ON1935Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP173CN passenger car, #63184, MoW1937Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP117CN? passenger carToronto, ON1947Landscape10 x 8MonoGeorge$3.00
CLP166CP passenger carLandscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP120CP passenger carBobcaygeon, ON1952Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP182CP passenger car #411537Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP167CP passenger car, Lake ManitouLandscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP119Grounded passenger carSimcoe, ON1950Landscape10 x 8Mono$3.00
CLP158ONR passenger car #200 TemagamiNiagara Falls, ON1972Landscape10 x 8MonoRailfare$3.00

Freight Equipment
ID NumSubjectWhereWhenOrientation SizeTypeSourcePrice
CLP193BCK box car #1479Pembroke, ON1958Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP184CN box car #4214401944Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP208CN outside frame 40ft box car #502579, at CC&F Co Montreal WorksMontreal, QC1927Landscape10 x 8MonoCN $3.00
CLP195CN flatcar #620257Stratford, ON1949Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP189CN gondola #1252771943Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP112CN work box car #43581Landscape10 x 8Mono$3.00
CLP191CP box car #402364Kenora, BC1968Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP190CP box car #403345Centreville, ON1946Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP186CP gondola #337517Vancouver, BC1942Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP187CP hopper #357849Galt, ON1961Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP188CP hopper #3641501960Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP183PGE tank car #1929Squamish, BC1949Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP192QLP gondola #753Quebec City, QC1952Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00
CLP185Unknown box carLondon, ON1947Landscape10 x 4MonoPaterson George$3.00

Railway Structures
ID NumSubjectWhereWhenOrientation SizeTypeSourcePrice
CLP123CN stationPhillipsville, ON1953Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson$3.00
CLP124CN stationSoperton, ON1953Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson$3.00
CLP126CN stationGlen Elbe, ON1953Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson$3.00
CLP128CN stationLindsay, ONLandscape10 x 8MonoPaterson$3.00
CLP121CN stationLyn, ON1953Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson$3.00
CLP122CN stationNewboro, ON1953Landscape10 x 8MonoPaterson$3.00
CLP127CP water towerPrince Albert, SK1980Portrait8 x 10ColourShaw$4.00

ID NumSubjectWhereWhenOrientation SizeTypeSourcePrice
CLP162CN loco depot sceneLandscape10 x 8Mono$3.00
CLP164CN loco depot sceneLandscape10 x 8Mono$3.00
CLP113Unknown construction equipmentLandscape10 x 8Mono$3.00