Magazines for sale.

(LastJanuary 19th, 2017)

The Library also has a large number of magazines that are available for sale. They represent duplicates of magazines already in the Library. The proceeds from any sales will be used to purchase books that are considered of high priority to be added to the Library. The duplicate list covers most model railroad magazine titles from the 1950's to the present day as well as some prototype railroad magazines. Typically they are sold for a nominal amount with a discount for purchasing a complete year.

The following have recently come available for sale.

Railfan and Railroad: 1974-1995 14 vols.
Railroad: 1949-1962 21 vols.
Railroad: Jan 1940 to Dec 1948 22 vols.
Railroad: 1963 to Jan 1979. 16 vols.
Railfan and Railroad: 1996 to 2012. 17 vols.
Canadian Rail: 1961-1982. 18 vols.
Canadian Rail: 1983-2010. 14 vols.
Railpace: 1986-2008. 16 vols.
Shortline: 1973-2000 5 vols.
Classic Trains: 1999-2011 6 vols.
Classic Trains: Special Editions 1-6 1 vol.
Cdn Railway Modeller: Vol 1/2 to Vol 15/16, 8 vols.
Pacific Rail News 1976, 1994 to Aug 1999 7 vols.
Passenger Train Journal pre 1974 to 2010. about 14 Vols.

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