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(LastMarch 10th, 2020)

The Library has a number of books that are available for sale. They represent duplicate books that are already in the Library or books that are outside of the scope of the aims of the Library. The proceeds from this sale will be used to purchase books that are considered of high priority to be added to the Library.

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The books currently remaining are shown in the following table. All are in good to excellent condition. All prices are shown in Canadian dollars. Postage, packing and insurance is extra at cost. CRCML members will receive a 20% discount on the prices shown below for books priced at over $10.

Prototype Railways - North America - Prototype Railways - Overseas - Model Railways - Other

Prototype Railways - North America
CLB1102150 Years of North American RailwaysFitzsimmons$1.00
CLB14984-8-0 tender locomotivesCarling$8.00
CLB14964-8-4 PictorialWayner$15.00
CLB1472Algoma Eastern RailwayWilson$3.00
CLB1161All Aboard for Yesterday - Nostalgic history or railroading in MaineBarter$15.00
CLB1032Altitudes in CanadaWhite (Commission of Conservation)$35.00
CLB1213Best of Steam TrainsWhitehouse$2.00
CLB1543Book of RailwayHorizon$2.00
CLB1227Boom CopperMurdoch$3.00
CLB1373Building an Electric RailwaySerrell$10.00
CLB1441Buses, Trolleys and TramsDunbar$8.00
CLB1247Canadian National's Western DepotsBohi$5.00
CLB1550Canadian National's Western DepotsBohi$5.00
CLB1651Canadian National in the West Vol 5Matthews$5.00
CLB1467Canadian National Railway StoryDorin$15.00
CLB1617Canadian PacificLotz$3.00
CLB1655Canadian Pacific's Trans-Canada Limited (1919-1930)Anderson$5.00
CLB1263Canadian Pacific - A Portrait of PowerGoldenberg$5.00
CLB1255Canadian Pacific Diesel LocomotivesDean$50.00
CLB1619Canadian Pacific Railway - motive power - rolling stock - capsule historyDorin$15.00
CLB 949Canadian Pacific, Stand Fast, CraigellachieMcDonnell$15.00
CLB1392Canadian Rail Car Pictorial 40ft CN boxcars Pt 1Yaremko$15.00
CLB1393Canadian Rail Car Pictorial 40ft CP BoxcarsYaremko$15.00
CLB1285Canadian SteamMorgan$5.00
CLB1621Canadian SteamMorgan$5.00
CLB1193Canadian Trackside Guide, 1998BRS$5.00
CLB1630Canadian Trolleys in color Vol 1 - Eastern CanadaHalperin$35.00
CLB1391Car Builder's Cyclopedia 1940 (1973 reprint by Kalmbach)Wright$90.00
CLB1050Cataract Traction Vol 2Mills$10.00
CLB1302Century of De Luxe Railway Cars in CanadaWayner Publications$15.00
CLB1466Century of deluxe railway cars in CanadaWayner$25.00
CLB1464Century of TrainsCooper$2.00
CLB1058Classic Steam TrainsHuxtable$5.00
CLB1471CNR storyDorin$12.00
CLB1634Colorful Streetcars We RodeCERA$10.00
CLB1235Copper Range RailroadMonette$3.00
CLB1230Copper Trails and Iron Rails - more voyages into Michigan's PastMassie$4.00
CLB1611CP Rail Rolling Stock Paint DiagramsCP Bygones$2.00
CLB1610CP Rail Rolling Stock Paint DiagramsCP Bygones$2.00
CLB1473CPR diagrams and data (Steam Locomotives)Lavallee$25.00
CLB 812CPR WestDempsey$10.00
CLB1656Cyril Littlebury's CPR 1918 to 1933Bain$12.00
CLB1485C&O H7 series (classic power 1)Dixon$25.00
CLB1540C&O K2, K3 and K3a 2-8-2sDixon$5.00
CLB1477C&O locomotive diagramsStauffer$15.00
CLB1049Dalla Bayard All'Etr 300Jannatttoni$5.00
CLB1375Delaware & HudsonShaughnessy$25.00
CLB 952Delaware & HudsonShaughnessy$25.00
CLB1297Delaware & HudsonShaughnessy$25.00
CLB1326Development of the StreetcarBrill$2.00
CLB1033Dictionary of AltitudesWhite (Commission of Conservation)$15.00
CLB1364Diesel Spotters's GuidePinkebank$6.00
CLB1449Diesel Spotters's Guide - secondPinkebank$6.00
CLB1365Diesel Spotters's Guide UpdatePinkebank$6.00
CLB1535Diesel spotters guidePinkepank$3.00
CLB1546Diesels WestMorgan$10.00
CLB1659Electric Railway Directory - 1924McGraw$10.00
CLB1517Emil Albrect's UP small steam powerWatson$25.00
CLB1059Encyclopedia of North American TrainsKlein$5.00
CLB1303Faces and Places Along the RailwayWillmot$5.00
CLB1116Famous TrainsAllen$1.00
CLB1086Farewell to SteamPlowden$1.00
CLB1185Farewell to SteamPlowden$1.00
CLB1348Final Years - New York, Ontario & Western RyKrause$10.00
CLB1602Four Whistles to Wood UpWalker$3.00
CLB1497Georgian locomotivesBryant$8.00
CLB1465Going by Canadian Pacific to Canada - 1956/57CP$5.00
CLB1126Great American Motion SicknessBurby$5.00
CLB1631Great Lakes Trolleys in colorHalperin$35.00
CLB1562Great Railroad Paintings - softcoverGoldsborough$10.00
CLB1556Great Railway Journeys of the World - softcoverWade-Mathews$2.00
CLB1524Great steam trainsLewis$5.00
CLB1107Great Steam TrainsWinkowski$2.00
CLB1105Great TrainsMorgan$5.00
CLB1502Great TrainsCook$5.00
CLB1063Great Trains of North AmericaWhitehouse$3.00
CLB1439Highball - a pageant of trainsBeebe$3.00
CLB1181Highliners, a railroad albumBeebe$5.00
CLB1280History of Canadian RailroadsMcDonnell$10.00
CLB1134History of the Canadian NationalMacKenzie$3.00
CLB1627History of the New York Central SystemKlein$10.00
CLB1532Illustrated encyclopedia of steam passenger locomotivesCrescent$3.00
CLB1157In Search of the Narrow GaugeWhetham$8.00
CLB1125Integral Rail SystemsKneiling$3.00
CLB1488Iron Horse of the Santa Fe trailWorley$25.00
CLB1301Keep `Em Rolling - The Story of Toronto's Spadina RoundhouseWatson$25.00
CLB1553Last SpikeBerton$2.00
CLB1110Law of Tramways and Light RailwaysLeverson$3.00
CLB1066Le Monde Passionnant des TrainsNathan$3.00
CLB1100Legendary TrainsAtlas Editions$5.00
CLB1555Legendary Trains - may not be complete - pretty full 3-ring binderAtlas editions$3.00
CLB1145Loco Profile 20 - The American 4-8-4Reed$2.00
CLB1622Locomotive Cyclopedia of American Practice / 1927 (original)Wright$95.00
CLB1513Locomotives that Baldwin builtWesting$8.00
CLB1547Lost Pleasures of the great trainsPage$2.00
CLB1618Magnetic NorthCook$25.00
CLB1097Main Line to Oblivion - disintegration of NY railroads in the 20th centuryCarson$8.00
CLB1294Maine Central Steam Locomotives - Motive Power roster 1923 to the end of steamRobertson$10.00
CLB1534Meet Me at the StationWillmot$5.00
CLB1304Meet Me at the StationWillmot$5.00
CLB1657Memories of CP Steam Power in British ColumbiaHope$5.00
CLB1101Men Who Built the RailroadsKlein$5.00
CLB1489Mighty 800Kratville$25.00
CLB1559Milwaukee Road In its Hometown - softcoverScribbins$20.00
CLB1563Milwaukee Road Remembered - a fresh look at an unusual railroadScribbins$30.00
CLB1632Mind the Doors PleasePartridge$10.00
CLB1615Model Railroader Cyclopedia Vol. 1, Steam LocomotivesWestcott$25.00
CLB1644Montreal Streetcars Vol 1Grumley$10.00
CLB1645Montreal Streetcars Vol 2 - People and PlacesGrumley$10.00
CLB1646Montreal Streetcars Vol 2 - People and PlacesGrumley$10.00
CLB1647Montreal Streetcars Vol 3 - Scenic RoutesGrumley$10.00
CLB1260More Classic TrainsDubin$15.00
CLB1552National DreamBerton$2.00
CLB1633Niagara, St.Catharines & Toronto Railway (Still sealed)Mills$25.00
CLB1494NP - mainstreet of the NWWood$8.00
CLB 807Ocean to OceanGrant$10.00
CLB1076Official Railway Equipment RegisterRER Publishing$10.00
CLB1179Official Railway Equipment Register, October 1992RER Publishing$10.00
CLB1340Original 1879 Car Builder's Dictionary (republished 1949)Forney$40.00
CLB1629Ottawa's StreetcarsMcKeown$30.00
CLB1625Ottawa Car Company 1892-1948Knowles$10.00
CLB1650Ottawa Car Company 1892-1948Knowles$10.00
CLB1626Ottawa Trolleys - images from August 1958Bernhart$10.00
CLB1649Ottawa Trolleys - images from August 1958Bernhart$10.00
CLB1612Our GM ScrapbookKalmbach$5.00
CLB1112Our Inland SeasMills$4.00
CLB1486Overland Route - UP railroadGrenard$10.00
CLB1338Pacific Electric RailwayDuke$5.00
CLB1314Pacific Type Locomotives Record type 79Baldwin Locomotive Works$15.00
CLB1217PE, pictorial albumDuke$5.00
CLB1533Pictorial Encyclopedia of RailwaysEllis$3.00
CLB1558Pictorial Encyclopedia of RailwaysEllis$2.00
CLB1545Pictorial Encyclopedia of RailwaysEllis$2.00
CLB1069Pictorial History of RailwaysWestwood$5.00
CLB1310Picture Story of World RailwaysJones$5.00
CLB1325Pioneer RailroadsBowman$5.00
CLB1276Pocket Guide to American LocomotivesLucas$8.00
CLB1504Pullman Co list of cars 1950Wayner$15.00
CLB1341Quebec Railway Light & Power CompanyGrumley$15.00
CLB1642Quebec Railway Light & Power Company - Montmorency DivisionGrumley$15.00
CLB1643Quebec Railway Light & Power Company - Vol 2 - Citadel DivisionGrumley$15.00
CLB1353Rail Canada Vol. 3Lewis$10.00
CLB1469Railroad Station Plan bookKalmbach$5.00
CLB1501Railroad stations, an architectural historyMeeks$15.00
CLB1095Railroads the Great American AdventureOgburn$1.00
CLB1220Rails Across CanadaVIA$2.00
CLB1250Rails around Gold HillCafky$100.00
CLB1308Railway Country - Across Canada by TrainWitney$10.00
CLB1180Railway Country - Across Canada by TrainWitney$10.00
CLB1537Railway GameLukasiewicz$2.00
CLB1369Railway StratfordRobinson$40.00
CLB1544Railways at the Zenith of Steam 1920-40Nock$2.00
CLB1382Railways of CanadaTrout$3.00
CLB1031Railways of CanadaMika$3.00
CLB1282Railways of Canada - A Pictorial HistoryMika$3.00
CLB1447Railways of the Modern Age since 1963Nock$5.00
CLB1266Railways of the WorldHollingsworth$5.00
CLB1061Railways then and nowNock$5.00
CLB1132Rating of RailwaysClode$1.00
CLB1060Red ExpressCordell$15.00
CLB1043Ride Through the Garden of CanadaBlaine$1.00
CLB1448Right of WayChodos$5.00
CLB1216Road to ParadiseMondinger$5.00
CLB1048Road to the SeaBrown$1.00
CLB1329Road to the SeaBrown$1.00
CLB1298Rutland RoadShaughnessy$40.00
CLB1268Shay Locomotive - Titan of the TimberKoch$200.00
CLB1046Shays on the Switchbacks - Lenora, Mt. Sicker RlyWhite$1.00
CLB1522Some classic trainsDubin$5.00
CLB1261Some Classic TrainsDubin$25.00
CLB1518SP Steam locomotivesDuke$10.00
CLB1531Station registry$2.00
CLB1186Stationary EngineeringColes$2.00
CLB1616Steam's Finest HourMorgan$20.00
CLB1286Steam's Finest HourMorgan$20.00
CLB1628Steam at OakvillePaterson$16.00
CLB1613Steam at OakvillePaterson$16.00
CLB1207Steam in the LandscapeJones$3.00
CLB1492Steam Locomotives in AmericaBruce$10.00
CLB1106Steam Trains - A World PortraitGarratt$2.00
CLB1057Steam Trains of the WorldGarratt$5.00
CLB1635Streetcar Builders of Canada vol 1Bailey$20.00
CLB1387Streetcar Overhead ConstructionWhite$10.00
CLB1641Streetcar Scenes in the 1950s in colorKing$35.00
CLB1515The 4-10-2 three barrels of steamBoynton$20.00
CLB1482The First Northerns, NP A class 4-8-4Dressler$15.00
CLB1349Through the Window of a TrainLange$10.00
CLB1640Time of the TrolleyMiddleton$15.00
CLB1109To The Setting Sun - Rockhampton to Longreach 1865-1892Hoch$5.00
CLB1357Toronto Grey and Bruce Railway 1863-1884McIlwraith$5.00
CLB1385Tracks, Wires, and Rubber TiresWatts$10.00
CLB1593Train doesn't stop here anymoreBrown$5.00
CLB1135Train Journeys of the WorldGordon$5.00
CLB1130Train RobbersRead$2.00
CLB1571Train Shed Cyclopedia no. 6 - passenger locomotivesGregg$10.00
CLB1401Train Shed Cyclopedia no. 6 - passenger locomotivesGregg$10.00
CLB1421Train Shed Cyclopedia no. 46 - flats, gondolas and hoppers (part 1)Gregg$10.00
CLB1663Train Shed Cyclopedia no. 48 - hoppers, industrials, lettering (part2)Gregg$10.00
CLB1536Trains - guide to world's greatestJackson$3.00
CLB1093Trains and Travel RR and Photo annual 1953Kalmbach$3.00
CLB1288Trains around the WorldOctopus Books$5.00
CLB1192Treasury of Railroad FolkloreBotkin$3.00
CLB1381Trolley CarsSullivan$15.00
CLB1327TTC 28Bromley$5.00
CLB1638TTC Story - first 75 yearsFiley$15.00
CLB1503Turbines WestwardLee$30.00
CLB1309Twilight of world steamZiel$5.00
CLB1128Uneasy Lies the LandStewart$4.00
CLB1561Union Pacific 3985 - softcoverBotkin$10.00
CLB1463Union Pacific Freight Cars 1936-51Metcalfe$5.00
CLB1124Urban Rail TransitLang$2.00
CLB1274Van Horne's RoadLavallee$50.00
CLB1560Virginia & Truckee - small format softcoverBeebe$10.00
CLB1087When Beauty Rode the RailsBeebe$5.00
CLB1037When the Steel Went ThroughBone$3.00
CLB1252White Pass and Yukon Route - A Pictorial HistoryCohen$10.00
CLB 983White Pass and Yukon Route - A Pictorial HistoryCohen$10.00
CLB1623Wreck of the Penn Central (Story of their bankruptcy)Daughen$12.00

Prototype Railways - Overseas
CLB1527Australian SteamDurrand$5.00
CLB1514Beyer-Peacock - loco builders of the worldHills$50.00
CLB1198British Railways in Transition (1914 to 1963)Aldcroft$4.00
CLB1457Die Weiten SpurenJeanmaire$10.00
CLB1062Histoire des Trains de LuxeBehrend$10.00
CLB1195Hudswell Clarke & Co Locomotive Works ListHardy$2.00
CLB1356Locomotives I have Known (a further selection)Maskelyne$5.00
CLB1196Manning Wardle & Co Locomotive Works ListMabbott$2.00
CLB1456Melbourne's Tramways in 1974Keenan$10.00
CLB1452Moderne StrassebahnenVan der Gragt$10.00
CLB1118Railway Enthusiasts EncyclopediaNock$4.00
CLB1526Steam in AustraliaBradford barton$5.00
CLB1525Steam of the SNCFWinding$55.00
CLB1453Taschenbuch Deuthsche DampflokomotivenObermayer$5.00
CLB 220Voies Etroites du Jura VaudoisGrandguillaume$15.00
CLB1479World of SteamHuxtable$5.00
CLB1539World Railway LocomotivesRansome-Wallis$3.00
CLB1311World Steam In ActionEdmonson$5.00

Model Railways
CLB1070101 track plans for Model RailroadersWestcott$3.00
CLB1224764 Helpful Hints for Model RailroadersWarren$1.00
CLB1461All time index to Railroad, MR, Trains and RMC (1929-1969)Wayner Publications$2.00
CLB1372Bassett-Lowke Railways commemorative editionScott$25.00
CLB 374Continental Railway Guide no. 184 9, September, 1862 (original)Bradshaw$40.00
CLB1194How to Build and Operate a Model RailroadMcClintock$1.00
CLB1451Marklin Miniature Railway and its big prototypeMarklin$5.00
CLB1450Older Locomotives (1900-42)Gomm$2.00
CLB1458Prototype Railway Color GuideGerity$3.00
CLB1460Steam Locomotive Plan Manual and AlbumCarstens$3.00

CLB1238Strengths of Material - part 2L.C.S staff$1.00
CLB1239Strengths of Material - part 3L.C.S staff$1.00