Books for sale.

(LastApril 19th, 2018)

The Library has a number of books that are available for sale. They represent duplicates of books already in the Library or books that are outside of the scope of the aims of the Library. The proceeds from this sale will be used to purchase books that are considered of high priority to be added to the Library.

If you see books that you wish to purchase then please contact the president

Please list the books that you would like to buy along with your mailing address so that they can be set aside for you and the shipping cost determined.

Following this you will be asked to make out your cheque or money order made payable to:

The C. Robert Craig Memorial Library

and you will be provided with mailing information.

The books currently remaining are shown in the following table. All are in excellent condition. All prices are shown in Canadian dollars. Postage, packing and insurance is extra at cost. CRCML members will receive a 20% discount on the prices shown below for books priced at over $10.

Prototype Railways
1102150 Years of North American RailwaysFitzsimmons$1.00
1287Algoma Central RailwayNock$10.00
1218All Aboard - Canadian Rockies by TrainMitchell$2.00
1161All Aboard for Yesterday - Nostalgic history or railroading in MaineBarter$15.00
1032Altitudes in CanadaWhite (Commission of Conservation)$35.00
1244America's Colorful RailroadsBall$5.00
1131American RailwayClarke$5.00
1096Articulated LocomotivesWiener$8.00
1213Best of Steam TrainsWhitehouse$2.00
1094Beyond the Adirondacks - story of the St.Regis paper companyAmigo$5.00
1227Boom CopperMurdoch$3.00
1117Britain by TrainGoldring$1.00
1198British Railways in Transition (1914 to 1963)Aldcroft$4.00
1202British Steam LocomotivesColourmaster$1.00
1281Busted and Still Running - The Famous Two-Foot Gauge Railroad of Bridgton, MEMead$15.00
1188Canada's RailwaysPhillips$2.00
1247Canadian National's Western DepotsBohi$5.00
1256Canadian National Railway StoryDorin$10.00
1191Canadian National Railways, Volume 1Stevens$10.00
1263Canadian Pacific - A Portrait of PowerGoldenberg$5.00
1255Canadian Pacific Diesel LocomotivesDean$50.00
1257Canadian Pacific RailwayDorin$15.00
1272Canadian Pacific Steam LocomotivesLavallee$90.00
949Canadian Pacific, Stand Fast, CraigellachieMcDonnell$15.00
619Canadian Railway AtlasRAC$20.00
909Canadian RailwaysMika$10.00
1275Canadian Railways in PicturesLegget$10.00
1285Canadian SteamMorgan$5.00
1193Canadian Trackside Guide, 1998BRS$5.00
1204Carriages and Wagons of the Highland RailwayHunter$5.00
1050Cataract Traction Vol 2Mills$10.00
1302Century of De Luxe Railway Cars in CanadaWayner Publications$15.00
1058Classic Steam TrainsHuxtable$5.00
374Continental Railway Guide no. 184 9, September, 1862 (original)Bradshaw$40.00
1235Copper Range RailroadMonette$3.00
1230Copper Trails and Iron Rails - more voyages into Michigan's PastMassie$4.00
812CPR WestDempsey$10.00
657CPR WestDempsey$10.00
1262Crow and the KettleGarden$400.00
1241Cyclopedia vol 2 - Diesel LocomotivesHayden$10.00
1049Dalla Bayard All'Etr 300Jannatttoni$5.00
1297Delaware & HudsonShaughnessy$25.00
952Delaware & HudsonShaughnessy$25.00
1033Dictionary of AltitudesWhite (Commission of Conservation)$15.00
1059Encyclopedia of North American TrainsKlein$5.00
1303Faces and Places Along the RailwayWillmot$5.00
1116Famous TrainsAllen$1.00
1086Farewell to SteamPlowden$1.00
1185Farewell to SteamPlowden$1.00
1200Firing Days - reminiscences of a GWR firemanGasson$2.00
1278Gold Rush Narrow Gauge - The Story of the White Pass and Yukon RouteMartin$10.00
1258Grand Trunk Western RailroadDorin$25.00
1126Great American Motion SicknessBurby$5.00
1141Great Canadian Railway Stories - 1995, Vol IVWilson$2.00
1139Great Canadian Railway Stories - Fall 1993, Vol 2Wilson$2.00
1140Great Canadian Railway Stories - Winter/Spring 1994, Vol IIIWilson$2.00
1099Great Railway IllustratedBerton$5.00
1107Great Steam TrainsWinkowski$2.00
1121Great Train RobberyCrichton$2.00
1129Great Train RobberyCrichton$2.00
1105Great TrainsMorgan$5.00
1063Great Trains of North AmericaWhitehouse$3.00
1181Highliners, a railroad albumBeebe$5.00
1062Histoire des Trains de LuxeBehrend$10.00
1280History of Canadian RailroadsMcDonnell$10.00
1134History of the Canadian NationalMacKenzie$3.00
1299History of the Canadian National RailwaysStevens$5.00
1271History of the Canadian Pacific RailwayLamb$5.00
1195Hudswell Clarke & Co Locomotive Works ListHardy$2.00
1265In the Shadow of Giants - The story of the TH&BHelm$30.00
1125Integral Rail SystemsKneiling$3.00
1078Jane's World Railways, 1988-89ITP$2.00
1079Jane's World Railways, 1989-90ITP$2.00
1080Jane's World Railways, 1991-92ITP$2.00
1081Jane's World Railways, 1992-93ITP$2.00
1082Jane's World Railways, 1993-94ITP$2.00
1083Jane's World Railways, 1994-95ITP$2.00
1084Jane's World Railways, 1995-96ITP$2.00
1301Keep `Em Rolling - The Story of Toronto's Spadina RoundhouseWatson$25.00
1006Lake Superior Iron Ore RailroadsDorin$10.00
1290Last Train to Toronto - A Canadian Rail OdysseyPindell$5.00
1110Law of Tramways and Light RailwaysLeverson$3.00
1066Le Monde Passionnant des TrainsNathan$3.00
1100Legendary TrainsAtlas Editions$3.00
1123Legislation des Chemins de Fer et TramwaysColson$3.00
1114Liability of Railway CompaniesParsons$2.00
1145Loco Profile 20 - The American 4-8-4Reed$2.00
1203Locomotives - a picture historyReed$2.00
1212Locomotives I have knownMaskelyne$5.00
1240Locomotives up to date (1903 edition)McShane$15.00
1122Lunatic ExpressMiller$2.00
1097Main Line to Oblivion - disintegration of NY railroads in the 20th centuryCarson$8.00
1294Maine Central Steam Locomotives - Motive Power roster 1923 to the end of steamRobertson$10.00
1196Manning Wardle & Co Locomotive Works ListMabbott$2.00
1304Meet Me at the StationWillmot$5.00
1101Men Who Built the RailroadsKlein$5.00
1260More Classic TrainsDubin$15.00
1171National Transport Agency Reports, 1987Canadian Transport Commission$2.00
1170National Transport Agency Reports, 1987Canadian Transport Commission$2.00
1172National Transport Agency Reports, 1988Canadian Transport Commission$2.00
1173National Transport Agency Reports, 1989Canadian Transport Commission$2.00
1174National Transport Agency Reports, 1991Canadian Transport Commission$2.00
1175National Transport Agency Reports, 1992Canadian Transport Commission$2.00
1176National Transport Agency Reports, 1994Canadian Transport Commission$2.00
1177National Transport Agency Reports, 1995Canadian Transport Commission$2.00
1178National Transport Agency Reports, 1995Canadian Transport Commission$2.00
1133Nothing Like it in the WorldAmbrose$5.00
807Ocean to OceanGrant$10.00
1076Official Railway Equipment RegisterRER Publishing$10.00
1179Official Railway Equipment Register, October 1992RER Publishing$10.00
1068Orient ExpressDes Cars$5.00
1112Our Inland SeasMills$4.00
1291Pacific Coast Shay - Strong Man of the WoodsRanger$25.00
1314Pacific Type Locomotives Record type 79Baldwin Locomotive Works$15.00
1217PE, pictorial albumDuke$5.00
1069Pictorial History of RailwaysWestwood$5.00
1310Picture Story of World RailwaysJones$5.00
1276Pocket Guide to American LocomotivesLucas$8.00
1056Promoters and Politicians - Quebec North Shore Railways 1854-85Young$8.00
1293Railroad History #147 - Grand Trunk WesternRlwy & Loco Historical Society$15.00
1052Railroads - the Great American AdventureOgburn$1.00
1152Railroads of CanadaLegget$1.00
1220Rails Across CanadaVIA$2.00
1250Rails around Gold HillCafky$150.00
1308Railway Country - Across Canada by TrainWitney$10.00
1180Railway Country - Across Canada by TrainWitney$10.00
1118Railway Enthusiasts EncyclopediaNock$4.00
1206Railways at the Zenith of Steam, 1920-40Nock$2.00
931Railways in the Niagara PeninsulaJackson$10.00
1051Railways in the Niagara PeninsularJackson$10.00
1199Railways of BritainSimmons$3.00
1031Railways of CanadaMika$3.00
1282Railways of Canada - A Pictorial HistoryMika$3.00
1266Railways of the WorldHollingsworth$5.00
1061Railways then and nowNock$5.00
1132Rating of RailwaysClode$1.00
1127Reclaiming Higher GroundSecretan$2.00
1060Red ExpressCordell$15.00
1043Ride Through the Garden of CanadaBlaine$1.00
1216Road to ParadiseMondinger$5.00
1048Road to the SeaBrown$1.00
1298Rutland RoadShaughnessy$40.00
1268Shay Locomotive - Titan of the TimberKoch$250.00
1046Shays on the Switchbacks - Lenora, Mt. Sicker RlyWhite$1.00
1236Slow Trains to Simla (paper back)Theroux$1.00
1261Some Classic TrainsDubin$25.00
1259Soo LineDorin$20.00
1113Speed Records of Britain`s RailwaysNock$1.00
1186Stationary EngineeringColes$2.00
1038Statutory History of Steam and Electric Railway in Canada 1836-1937Department of Transport$50.00
1028Statutory History of Steam and Electric Railway in Canada 1836-1937Department of Transport$50.00
1286Steam's Finest HourMorgan$20.00
1207Steam in the LandscapeJones$3.00
1067Steam TrainsWickre$2.00
1269Steam & Thunder in the Timber - Saga of the Forest RailroadsKoch$75.00
1039Steel of EmpireGibbon$3.00
1153Steel RibbonHayes$5.00
1109To The Setting Sun - Rockhampton to Longreach 1865-1892Hoch$5.00
884Toronto Civic RailwaysHood$20.00
1098Tracks of the Black BearWilson$5.00
1036Tragedy of Henry ThorntonMarsh$1.00
1035Tragedy of Henry ThorntonMarsh$1.00
1135Train Journeys of the WorldGordon$5.00
1130Train RobbersRead$2.00
1093Trains and Travel RR and Photo annual 1953Kalmbach$3.00
1288Trains around the WorldOctopus Books$5.00
1270Trains of Northern New EnglandKrause$15.00
1192Treasury of Railroad FolkloreBotkin$3.00
1309Twilight of world steamZiel$5.00
1128Uneasy Lies the LandStewart$4.00
1124Urban Rail TransitLang$2.00
1274Van Horne's RoadLavallee$50.00
220Voies Etroites du Jura VaudoisGrandguillaume$15.00
1087When Beauty Rode the RailsBeebe$5.00
1037When the Steel Went ThroughBone$3.00
1252White Pass and Yukon Route - A Pictorial HistoryCohen$10.00
983White Pass and Yukon Route - A Pictorial HistoryCohen$10.00
1264Willamette LocomotiveHauff$25.00
1311World Steam In ActionEdmonson$5.00
Model Railways
1070101 track plans for Model RailroadersWestcott$3.00
1224764 Helpful Hints for Model RailroadersWarren$1.00
1064Encyclopedia of Model RailwaysAllen$5.00
1194How to Build and Operate a Model RailroadMcClintock$1.00
1209Miniature World of Henry GreelySteel$3.00
1208Model Locomotive ConstructionWilliams$5.00
1104Model RailroadsHollingsworth$1.00
1197Model Railway EncyclopediaCarter$5.00
1205Railway ModellingFreezer$3.00
Models and Other
1242America's Historic Steam Railroads - pack of 2 VHS videosGoldhil Video$2.00
1103Complete Book of Model Raceways and RoadwaysHertz$1.00
1189Engineering DrawingFrench$1.00
1169Omnibus Cable Company, San Francisco 1889-193 - ready for framing print - unopened$2.00
1210Solder - its fundamentals and usageKester$2.00
1211Soldering and BrazingTurpin$2.00
1238Strengths of Material - part 2L.C.S staff$1.00
1239Strengths of Material - part 3L.C.S staff$1.00