DVDs, VHS videos, and Records for sale.

(LastApril 24th, 2024)

The Library has a number of prototype and model railway related DVDs, VHS videos, and Records that are available for sale. They represent items that are outside of the scope of the aims of the Library. The proceeds from this sale will be used to purchase books that are considered of high priority to be added to the Library.

If you see DVDs, VHS videos, or Records that you wish to purchase then to contact the sales manager

Please list the DVDs, VHS videos, and Records that you would like to buy along with your mailing address so that they can be set aside for you and the shipping cost determined.

Payment can be made electronically using Interac or PayPal, or by mail using a cheque (Canadian or US), a bank draft or money order (International type for US). Once you have indicated your payment method, you will be provided with the appropriate information to proceed.

The DVDs, VHS videos, and Records currently remaining are shown in the following tables. All are in good condition. All prices are shown in Canadian dollars. Postage, packing and insurance is extra at cost. CRCML members will receive a 10% discount on the prices shown below for all purchases from this list.

Prototype Railway DVDs
No.TitleProduced byPrice
CLD158Bayview Junction Vol 2Railtime$3.00
CLD15BNSF's ABO Canyon trains dvd 14Topics$3.00
CLD16BNSF's Arizona Divide trains dvd 15Topics$3.00
CLD18BNSF's Stevens Pass trains dvd 13Topics$3.00
CLD14BNSF tracks of the old Santa Fe vol 3Green Frog$3.00
CLD26Celebrating 75 years of railfan excursionsMBRRE$3.00
CLD28Colorado's scenic train ride trains dvd 18Topics$3.00
CLD72On the road with Frisco 1522 trains dvd 12Topics$3.00
CLD78Rail journeys 2Madacy Entertainment$3.00
CLD84Santa Fe mainline memories trains dvd 20Topics$3.00
CLD95Steam to the state fair trains dvd 7Topics$3.00
CLD107Trains of Galesburg trains dvd 5Topics$3.00
CLD108Trains of Lafayette trains dvd 4Topics$3.00
CLD188The Northern Belle - British Orient Express (Manchester-Belvoir Castle-Grantham)Eagle Rock$3.00
CLD189Farewell to Arms - detailed info about lever operated signal boxesLoomaster Profiles$3.00
CLD190Azuma - train of the future - LNERRailway Express$3.00
CLD191Night Mail - Flying Scotsman in AustraliaArts Magic$3.00

Model Railway DVDs
No.TitleProduced byPrice
CLD127Choo choo christmas trains dvd 17Topics$3.00
CLD133Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine - 5 to 8Model Railroad Hobbyist Mag.$3.00
CLD136Weathering Bachmann locomotives disk 1Huffman$3.00
CLD137Weathering Bachmann locomotives disk 2Huffman$3.00

Prototype Railway Vinyl Records
No.TitleProduced byPrice
CLD151Road to Paradise, Strasburg RailroadSemaphore$3.00
CLD150Sounds of Steam Town, Bellows Falls VTSemaphore$3.00
CLD148Sounds of the world famous Flying ScotsmanSemaphore$3.00
CLD149Whistles at Silverton - Colorado NGSemaphore$3.00