DVDs, VHS videos, and Records for sale.

(LastFebruary 4th, 2021)

The Library has a number of prototype and model railway related DVDs, VHS videos, and Records that are available for sale. They represent items that are outside of the scope of the aims of the Library. The proceeds from this sale will be used to purchase books that are considered of high priority to be added to the Library.

If you see DVDs, VHS videos, or Records that you wish to purchase then to contact the sales manager

Please list the DVDs, VHS videos, and Records that you would like to buy along with your mailing address so that they can be set aside for you and the shipping cost determined.

Payment can be made electronically using Interac or PayPal, or by mail using a cheque (Canadian or US), a bank draft or money order (International type for US). Once you have indicated your payment method, you will be provided with the appropriate information to proceed.

The DVDs, VHS videos, and Records currently remaining are shown in the following tables. All are in good condition. All prices are shown in Canadian dollars. Postage, packing and insurance is extra at cost. CRCML members will receive a 10% discount on the prices shown below for all purchases from this list.

Prototype Railway DVDs
No.TitleProduced byPrice
CLD2Action ShotsChandos TV$3.00
CLD3Allegheny Range vol iiiIron Horse America$3.00
CLD4America by RailTopics$3.00
CLD5American legendary rail journeys - the way westMadacy Entertainment$3.00
CLD6Amtrak the surflinePentrex$3.00
CLD7Beaumont HillPentrex$3.00
CLD8Best of the Mohawk Valley 2005Broken Knuckle Video Productions$3.00
CLD9Blue Mountains & Mt. RainierQuestar$3.00
CLD15BNSF's ABO Canyon trains dvd 14Topics$3.00
CLD16BNSF's Arizona Divide trains dvd 15Topics$3.00
CLD17BNSF's Staples WestC Vision Productions$3.00
CLD18BNSF's Stevens Pass trains dvd 13Topics$3.00
CLD19BNSF's Trinchera PassHighball Productions$3.00
CLD10BNSF on the banks of the MississippiC Vision Productions$3.00
CLD11BNSF railways Gateway sub7idea Productions$3.00
CLD12BNSF return to the Arizona forest - (2 disc set)Broken Knuckle Video Productions$5.00
CLD13BNSF tracks of the old Santa Fe New Mexico & Texas vol 7Green Frog$3.00
CLD14BNSF tracks of the old Santa Fe vol 3Green Frog$3.00
CLD26Celebrating 75 years of railfan excursionsMBRRE$3.00
CLD27Challenger 3985 trains dvd 16Topics$3.00
CLD28Colorado's scenic train ride trains dvd 18Topics$3.00
CLD29Columbia RiverHighball Productions$3.00
CLD30Columbia River gorgePentrex$3.00
CLD31Conrail finale Selkirk to state lineBroken Knuckle Video Productions$3.00
CLD37CSX-15 ClinchfieldGreen Frog$3.00
CLD34CSX south west Virginia coalPentrex$3.00
CLD35CSX Toledo sub vol 1Green Frog$3.00
CLD36CSX Toledo sub vol 2Green Frog$3.00
CLD38CSXT & the Norfolk Southern the Big SandyBroken Knuckle Video Productions$3.00
CLD39Cumbres and Toltec trains dvd 19Topics$3.00
CLD40Day at PinoleTSG Multimedia$3.00
CLD41Daylight freedom specialPentrex$3.00
CLD42Eastern Kentucky coalPentrex$3.00
CLD43Era of dieselColumbia River$3.00
CLD44Eureka & Palisade great American rail journeysPentrex$3.00
CLD45Exploring SelkirkBroken Knuckle Video Productions$3.00
CLD46Extreme steam, steam 98Questar$3.00
CLD47Florida East CoastGreen Frog$3.00
CLD140Florida East Coast, trains ofPlets Express$3.00
CLD48Glory machines vol 5Herron Rail Video$3.00
CLD49Goin' to Kansas CityPentrex$3.00
CLD50Grand Island NebraskaC Vision Productions$3.00
CLD51Great Trans-american train ride - sea to shining seaTotal Content$3.00
CLD54Hot spots 10 - ciscoHighball Productions$3.00
CLD55Hot spots 25 marionHighball Productions$3.00
CLD56Hudson River railsAnchor Videos$3.00
CLD57Illinois shortlinesPletsExpress RR Video Productions$3.00
CLD58Lake Shore limited Albany to Croton-HarmondAnchor Videos$3.00
CLD59Lake Shore limited Croton Harmond to Grand CentralAnchor Videos$3.00
CLD61Millennium harvestChandos TV$3.00
CLD62Mojave magic 2 (2 disc set)Highball Productions$5.00
CLD63moorhead junctionC Vision Productions$3.00
CLD64New England states part 1Anchor Videos$3.00
CLD66New York railroading in 1998Green Frog$3.00
CLD68Norfolk Southern a tour of the thoroughbred vol 1Green Frog$3.00
CLD69Norfolk Southern a tour of the thoroughbred vol 3Green Frog$3.00
CLD70Norfolk Southern Dayton districtGreen Frog$3.00
CLD71On the railsChandos TV$3.00
CLD72On the road with Frisco 1522 trains dvd 12Topics$3.00
CLD73Pacific harbor lineMachines of Iron$3.00
CLD74Palmer rail action vol 1Broken Knuckle Video Productions$3.00
CLD75Palmer rail action vol 2Broken Knuckle Video Productions$3.00
CLD144Prairie Rails Vol 2Rails West$3.00
CLD78Rail journeys 2Madacy Entertainment$3.00
CLD80Rio Grande & Union PacificQuestar$3.00
CLD146Rockies by Rail - Great American Rail JourneysAcorn Media$3.00
CLD82San Francisco bay area railsPentrex$3.00
CLD122Santa Fe's New MexicoPentrex$3.00
CLD1Santa Fe - across the heartland & countdown to mergerPentrex$3.00
CLD85Santa Fe 3751 route of the ChiefsQuestar$3.00
CLD83Santa Fe into LAPentrex$3.00
CLD84Santa Fe mainline memories trains dvd 20Topics$3.00
CLD87Southern California rails 2Pentrex$3.00
CLD88SP geeps and cadillacsPentrex$3.00
CLD95Steam to the state fair trains dvd 7Topics$3.00
CLD96Street runningPentrex$3.00
CLD97Sunrise sunset a day at Fullerton CaliforniaPentrex$3.00
CLD98Sunrise to sunset lock 13 Randall NYBroken Knuckle Video Productions$3.00
CLD99Surf line commuters Los Angeles - San DiegoValHalla Video$3.00
CLD104Today's Illinois central north vol 1Pentrex$3.00
CLD105Today's Illinois central vol 2Pentrex$3.00
CLD147Tracks of the BeaverHighball Productions$3.00
CLD106Train watchers diary vol 9Anchor Videos$3.00
CLD107Trains of Galesburg trains dvd 5Topics$3.00
CLD108Trains of Lafayette trains dvd 4Topics$3.00
CLD109Trains of Southern ConnecticutA&R Productions$3.00
CLD110Trains, trains, trainsGreen Frog$3.00
CLD112University Junction minnesota vol 2C Vision Productions$3.00
CLD113Vintage rail journeyGCVP$3.00
CLD141Visit to Sandpoint, Idaho, and Marias PassBroken Knuckle$3.00

Street cars and Rapid Transit DVDs
No.TitleProduced byPrice
CLD115LA metro blue line Long Beach to LAAnchor Videos$3.00
CLD60Los Angeles' gold lineValHalla Video$3.00
CLD116New Orleans street carsValHalla Video$3.00
CLD67New York Transit triplex special (2 dvd set)ValHalla Video$5.00
CLD117NJ light rail lines - (2 disc set)Ron Rail$5.00
CLD118Pikes Peak by railMountain Automation Corp$3.00
CLD119San Diego's trolleysValHalla Video$3.00
CLD120San Diego's trolleys 2ValHalla Video$3.00
CLD121San Francisco trolleys vol 2ValHalla Video$3.00

Overseas Railway DVDs
No.TitleProduced byPrice
CLD123British rail journeys vol 2Allegro$3.00
CLD25Calcutta's colourful trainsHighball Productions$3.00
CLD143Eastern and Oriental Express (PAL format)World Class Trains$3.00
CLD145Flying Scotsman (unopened) travels in BritainTrue North$3.00

Model Railway DVDs
No.TitleProduced byPrice
CLD125Celebrity layouts - 2 - Tom SnyderTM Books$3.00
CLD126Celebrity layouts - 3 - Mandy PatinkinTM Books$3.00
CLD127Choo choo christmas trains dvd 17Topics$3.00
CLD128Dream plan build - vol 2Kalmbach$3.00
CLD129Dream plan build - vol 4Kalmbach$3.00
CLD130Dream plan build - vol 5Kalmbach$3.00
CLD131Dream plan build - vol tips & prototypeKalmbach$3.00
CLD138i didn't know that, Ross Peever's layoutCable TV Productions$3.00
CLD132Layout design and build - 5 and 6Green Frog$3.00
CLD133Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine - 5 to 8Model Railroad Hobbyist Mag.$3.00
CLD65New Jersey light railValHalla Video$3.00
CLD134Siskyou line design and constructionModel Trains Video$3.00
CLD135Techniques for finishing scenery episode 1Scotty Mason$3.00
CLD136Weathering Bachmann locomotives disk 1Huffman$3.00
CLD137Weathering Bachmann locomotives disk 2Huffman$3.00

Prototype Railway Records
No.TitleProduced byPrice
CLD151Road to Paradise, Strasburg RailroadSemaphore$3.00
CLD150Sounds of Steam Town, Bellows Falls VTSemaphore$3.00
CLD148Sounds of the world famous Flying ScotsmanSemaphore$3.00
CLD149Whistles at Silverton - Colorado NGSemaphore$3.00

Prototype Railway Videos
No.TitleProduced byPrice
All sold