Current Photograph and Slide Collection

(Last November 2nd, 2016

Following is information on the photograph and slide collection that are currently found in the Library.

The Kenneth F. Chivers Collection

This is the major collection in the Library and consists of over 12,000 images - both black and white and colour - of the late steam and early diesel era. Many of the pictures are steam engines, but early diesels and other rolling stock and railway facilities are represented.

The C. Robert Craig Collection

This collection of about 6000 colour slides contains many roster shots of equipment used in eastern Ontario in the 1960s and 1970s, as well as many similar shots beyond the Ottawa area.

The Lloyd Fleming Collection

This collection consists of about 1100 colour slides of railway stations, mostly in Ontario, but also elsewhere in Canada and the United States.

The E. A. Barnes Collection

This collection consists of about 120 black and white negatives of Montreal streetcars and scenes taken at the end of the streetcar era.

The Gary Armstrong Collection

We believe that this collection is only a part of Gary Armstrong's work, but it contains many excellant shots taken in eastern Ontario, particularly at Smiths Falls, Brockville and Bedell.

The F. Michael Kerr Collection

This eclectic collection of about 1400 colour slides spans the mid 1960s to the early 1980s when the photographer ranged from Newfoundland to British Columbia and south into the United States.

Other Collections

Several smaller collections contain a wide variety of colour and black and white shots around the Ottawa area and beyond.

The Library makes these collections available for reference at the Library. The images can also be viewed in the new online catalog. Copies and prints can be obtained at a reasonable cost.