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September 18th 2023

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Updated the surplus books pages to reflect sales and add new titles.

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The AGM for the year ending August 31st, 2022 was held on Saturday November 5th at 10am at the City of Ottawa Archives Building, 100 Tallwood, Room 226. Members were notified in advance about the process.


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Annual Report

2021-2022 Annual Report.

About the Library

Founded in 1994, the Library was established to collect, preserve and make available to the public, materials that document the history of rail transportation in Canada. Materials focusing on the railways surrounding the Ottawa area are of particular interest. The Library has a significant collection of books, magazines, photographs, slides, plans, and archival materials of Ottawa area railway-related organisations. The objective is to provide a comprehensive research base for those seeking information about Canadian railways.

The Library is a federally-incorporated not-for-profit organization, registered as a charitable organization. Library Memberships and Donations to the Library are eligible for receipts for Canadian income tax purposes.

An example from the Photographic Collection of the Library.

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